Specialty Benefits
Specialty Benefits

Accident & Sickness:

  • Death Benefits due to either accidental injury or illness
  • Lump Sum Living Benefits
  • Weekly Income and Disability Benefits
    • Total Disability Income
    • Partial Disability Income
    • Occupational Retraining Benefit
    • Weekly Injury Permanent Impairment Benefit (Volunteer Members Only)
  • Medical Expense Benefits
    • Medical Expense Benefit selected
    • Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Critical Incident Stress Management Expense Reimbursement
    • Family Expense Benefit
    • Felonious Assault Benefit
    • Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification Benefit
    • Continuation of Health Insurance Premium Benefit (Volunteer Members Only)
    • Transition Benefit (Volunteer Members Only)

Optional Coverages

  • 24-hour Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit
  • Off-Duty Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit

Group Term Life

  • 24-hour, around the clock life insurance protection
  • Guarantee Issue

LOSAP (Length of Service Awards Program)

  • Recognizes volunteer service by providing benefits at retirement for long-serving volunteers
  • LOSAP features include:
    • Eligibility based on state legislation and/or the specific department’s objectives
    • Benefits paid monthly for life based on the number of years a volunteer is active
    • Benefits can provide for service earned prior to implementation
    • Volunteers leaving with few years receive no benefit; contributions made on their behalf remain with the plan

Critical Illness

  • Lump sum benefits for heart attack, cancer, and stroke
  • 24-hour Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit included
  • Program can be developed to provide coverage for all classes of emergency service personnel, or certain classes (e.g. personnel with five or more years of service, career personnel, and volunteers)
  • Certain restrictions and exclusions apply